My new house..

Selamat pagi. semenjak dua menjak ni saya susah nak tido, kalau tido pun kejap je. semalam saya tido 8 pagi, bangun pukul 1. arini lak tido pukul 11 malam, bangun pukul 1 pagi. adakah ini tanda-tanda insomnia? oh tidak. girl saya cakap, saya ni dah macam burung antu. siang tido, malam berjaga. hahahaha. ye kot burung antu. ciri-ciri dah ade. huhu.

haaa..berbalik kepada tajuk asal kat atas nu. bukan saya pindah ke rumah baru atau pun beli rumah baru. My new house ni tajuk assignment saya. lecture saya bagi. pastu,saya bagi lak kat girl saya suruh die yang buatkan untuk saya (malas punye budak). tambah lak saya tak pandai dalam mengarang dalam BI ni. so sebab die teacher, amat sesuai saya bagi kat die task tu. so, nak bace tak??klik je read more kat bawah ni....>>>>

P/S : Kalau ade salah grammar ke ape ke jangan gelak k..SAYA BUDAK BARU BELAJAR..enjoy

My life was very shall I say lucky because my parent are very successful businessperson and involve in very large business.  Although my parent is very busy person, they are the most wonderful parent and I’m very lucky to have them. All the things that I wanted they would give to me no matter what ridicules my wish is they will always get it for me. The most special thing that they give me is on my 18th birthday is Subaru Impreza WRX STI version 9. That is the most wonderful present that I have ever had, thanks mom and dad. I feel very thankful to have such a great parent like them and I always pray to be just like them one day.

I live in a house that big enough for us to live and it is very beautiful. With a large living room and decorated with custom-made furniture with the idea of mama. My bedroom is simple but spacious and comfortable with my own decorate with posters of my favorite things like sports car, superbike, my artwork and trophies that I won during the primary school until the school is middle, and I also been crown as the school and the student athletes of the school's expectations

To make my life perfect is Miley Cyrus. I love her very much. In addition, the most amazing about her is her black shiny long hair, with brown eyes, pink chick, red Angelina Jolie lips with Janet Jackson’s smiles, with a body like Jennifer, she is like a star of my life.  She is the one and only person that win my heart over her. She always there by my side even when I’m sad and sorrow she always make me happy and smile again. When I’m lonely she always fills my loneliness with her jokes n laughter.  When I’m in trouble she always comes out with a solution. You can say that she was my soul mate.

Do not forget my best friend forever and his name is John.  His real name is John Kramer. He is very talented person I’ve ever meet. He has a wide knowledge in motorsport and we always going out for drink at mamak stall and talk about car,bike and motorsport. He always said that he wants to join in Malaysian motorsport crew like F1 crew, CubPrix crew and so on. I hope one day his dream will came true. We are like brother because always together. Some of my friends even call us twin. Go to the same school, the same class even his locker is next to mine what a coincident right. I’m always thankful to have such a great friend like him and I always hope that we never have to break this friendship. There is no secret between us, all the problem in my life and him we shared together. Moreover, he is like a brother to me. Even if he is not around, we always keep in touch with each other no matter what.

However, not all of that perfect life last long, one day John was invited me to his birthday party. He told me to bring my girlfriend to the party and hope to know her better because before this they never meet each other. So that night is the first time they meet, as usual I pick her up at her house. That night she was very beautiful wearing a blue dress from Dato’Tom Abang Saufi’s boutique with Jimmy Choo blue high heel and went we arrive I introduce her to John then I live her with him to take drinks for us. Letter that night went I sent Miley home she was never stop talking about how wonderful John is. I thought it was nothing and maybe she was too excited to see John so I promise her to bring her when I going out with John.

About a month, we hang out together and I feel so happy that I can spend time with my girl and my best friend. Later that day, I have receive a letter, it’s from my cousin at Sidney and his letter said that he invited me to join him in a cruise for four days. I was very excited to hear that and I immediately call Miley and invited her to accompany me in the cruise, but she rejected my invitation. I thought that she wanted to study because her exam was just around the corner. Therefore, I’m off to Sidney for four days alone.

Four days passed by, and I was very excited to go home to see my girl and my best friend. As soon as I arrived at my home, I run to my car to get my girl. I arrived at my girl house and I felt surprise to see John car at Miley’s porch. I rush to see her and John to surprise them, I went to her living room but they not there, so I went to her kitchen but they not there, then I heard noise came from upstairs. Therefore, I rush upstairs and run straight to her room where the noise came from. I was very surprise to see John my best friend and Miley my girl on the same bed doing something that I cannot say.  

At that time, I felt burning from my head to toes. I just cannot believe my eyes that my got friend and my girl can betray me so easily without any regrets. I was so stress out and I cannot think rationally, then I go to my car take my bat and I do not know what happen after that. Suddenly I realize that I been surrounded by policeman, I see to body cover by blood and I know that was John and Mileys body because I’m holding a bloody bat and I’m in her room.

Today is a historical and very meaningful in my life. I was very excited when told that I would move to my new and more comfortable home. Although I feel very sad to leave this house, that has lot of memories but I will continue my intention for the sake of my future. I realized that after I move to the new house I will no longer able to meet my good friend John Kramer and my sweetheart Miley Cyrus who also has left me for the sake of their brighter future but I hope they will always remember me no matter where they. My mother was very upset that day and tries to save me from the prison so she hired an excellent lawyer and his name is Mr.Kapal Singh to settle my case. At the end of the case, the court decided that I’m having a mental illness and I’ll be send to Mental Institution to be treating by professional doctors. Now I feel very happy living here without worrying any problem.  


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